We are Creative

By rethinking…

that each one of us is unique and different! Why not even the objects that we use?

By connecting local traditional techniques from all over the world and modern design, each item is a piece of art and no two of them are alike!

So embrace diversity in all its forms !

By redefining…

the way that sentimental or financial support can be offered even from miles away.

Skilled artisans, living far from publicity or in one of the poorest parts of the world, are rising above their difficulties, raising stronger families, stimulating their local economies and inspiring the world around them.

It is not necessary to meet them!

Just show them your preference by choosing one of those stylish and ethical decoration items.

By transforming…

the natural resources or by recycling materials in an indigenous way.

Skilled men and women make beautiful, all purpose  decorative items with contemporary design.

With natural fibers, vibrant fabrics, telephone wires or with paper in multicolor combinations they create eclectic artifacts giving an exotic flair in our place! 

By challenging...

yourself! Feel good by doing good!

Our aim is not only to build a sustainable collaboration with those talented artisans around the world.

Our aim is fulfilled with the accomplishment of another ethical value. That of sharing!

With your purchase, you don’t only feel good because you own something unique! You feel also nice as10% of our profits will be donated to charities that will be communicated on our site.