Soothing living spaces
in Greece with an African touch

If you are a designer, decorator, hotel manager or even an architect, feel free to contact us.

Benu creations could be ideal for your next big or small interior design project ranging from elegant hotels and contemporary villas to stylish restaurants and chic coffee shops. 

Take a look at some of our inspiring ideas about creating unique living spaces in Greece with Benu energy. See how naturally the African elements blend with the Greek light forming a new perspective in decoration and design.

The circle symbolizes the sun, the reviving energy of every living creature, our inner strength and eternal flow

The heart expresses love, peace and serenity deriving from the artisans themselves

The triangle is an essential pattern in African culture that points to the top

The exclamation point represents our awe towards art and craftsmanship

Feel free to create a unique blend of shapes, colours, textures and patterns that will «shape the wind» and become memorable. There are so many handmade creations to explore and cover all your needs.

Let’s meet and discuss your project so we can examine, look into and propose different solutions that suit you best.

The ideas, motifs, artists, designs and techniques are endless just like Benu energy!

We will be more than happy to share our expertise with you!

Our terms of agreement

  • The delivery time (depending on the quantity) is appr.30 days due to the handmade process.Air freight is also an option that can be arranged!
  • Benu keeps a low stock on most products.
  • A deposit of 50% is required in order to start the production and the payment of balance is prior to dispatch of goods.
  • Custom made products are always more than welcome. Sufficient time is required for the accomplishment of the above.
  • Prices are always subject to verification due to the inflation rate.
  • All products made from wood, grass etc. are undergone an appropriate fumigation treatment and are accompanied with Phyto license.