The Lutindzi grass grows in Swaziland’s mountains and was traditionally used to create household goods but nowadays with modern design they transform them into unique pieces of art.

The method of recycling fabrics becomes a way of expression and creativity for the people of Africa, which in turn offers us beautiful everyday homewares with an exceptional fusion of design and colors.

“Papier mache” is the method of making paper pulp mixed with glue to create artwork which are lightweight, polymorphous and are ready to be statement pieces in your interior.

The Zulu people weave colored telephone wires to create authentic homewares that emit a real African vibe.

The upcycling of old books along with extraordinary cutting skill, brings the most high-quality pieces of wall art.

Felt is the fabric derived from 100% merino wool, which is made only using hands and water. Using this technique, the felt is transformed into objects that indicate the effort and patience of the artisans.