The Lutindzi grass grows on rocky outcrops in the mountains of Swaziland.
Traditionally, the grass is harvested once per year and sustainably picked from above the roots.
Then it dries outside under the sun keeping the natural waxy finish which makes it water and stain resistant!

From old to new, but with a modern twist…


Upcycling is not a new concept. It is described as reusing a material without degrading the quality and composition of the material for its next use.

It comes from 1930s-40s when families had very little economic or material resources. Nowadays in developing countries , as raw materials are expensive, upcycling is a way of life for people to express themselves by creating beautiful and useful items with contemporary design and deliver it to us carrying only the heavy heritage of the traditional technique.

Papier mâché is a French word for "mashed paper".


It has been around for quite some time, it was even used to make houses in the 1850s.

When papier mâché dries it is basically wood and very strong and light. It is very popular as an inexpensive and versatile art medium.

 It's great  when it is combined with contemporary design,  ethnic colors and imagination.

The story goes back to  the origins of telephone wire which  is traced to Zulu night watchmen in the Durban area who - to fight loneliness and boredom on night shifts - took to weaving colored telephone wire around their traditional sticks.

Today this craft has developed hugely in creativity and diversity of uses.

The technique is the soft wire method, which requires weaving of the colorful wire as they would in the making of grass baskets. The artisans  do not coil the wire but they weave it creating beautiful, colorful, stylish shapes.

A book always remains a treasure!

Tons of books get pulped every year or just dumped in a landfill. Thousands of books every year are donated  to the charity bookstores from where whatever is not sold is given for recycling.

This is when an artist intervenes and with his talent turns a book into a piece of art hoping to give another chance to tell a story 

Felting is the ancient female art in which women were free to express their deepest desires,thoughts and aspirations. Their language was color and patterns to pass what they were not allowed to say in words.Being infused with care and warmth felt from 100%merino wool becomes the truly personal gift!