The Artisans

Explore the creative energy
of genuine artisan skill

We work directly with artisans who preserve the rich African culture and they are masters in different traditional techniques, fibre and wire weaving, wood sculpting, molding, textile painting, felting. 

Most of the artisans live in mud huts with no electricity, running water or sewage systems but they have learned to love and respect mother « nature». Despite the diversities of life, with their light-hearted and carefree, full of gratitude and wisdom character they dream of a better life for themselves and their families.

Τhe only way to make it, is to share with people from all over the world their pieces of art made with love, joy and endless energy.

The Materials

Experience the vital energy
of sustainable decoration

We are proud to work with communities of artisans in developing parts of Africa that use beautiful local, natural or recycled materials for the creation of their products.

Grass, sisal, palm leaves, ilala palm, river reeds, wood, coconuts are some of the natural materials that are sustainably picked up and coloured with the boiling of roots, fruits and leaves.

The pick-up and exploitation of waste magazines, newspapers, fabrics and telephone wires give a second life to the recycled materials and reveal the imagination of artisans who keep developing new and innovative techniques with basic tools under the rays of the sun.

All the felt products made of 100% merino wool are meticulously crafted. The patient rubbing and coaxing of threads along with the creative instinct bring nature shapes in our interior space. 

Despite the fact that behind each artifact there is a time-consuming and laborious process for its creation, we feel that each product has a story to tell and if you listen closely enough, it will whisper to you that everything has been made with care, patience and love.